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HRML as a green company

Whilst we are a small HR & Employment Law specialist company and as such will have a minor impact on the environment in the form of pollution, we firmly believe that all businesses should be committed to working more sustainably to create an overall success. Importantly, by addressing these impacts on the environment in which we live will give rise to the reduction of CO2 emissions. HRML will seek to minimise pollution where ever possible and will continually look at ways to improve and upgrade each of our initiatives. All our HR consultants will value sustainability in the workplace.

Environmental policy

The team at HRML are all keen to reduce our carbon footprint, improve recycling, reduce reliance on packaging, minimising waste, improve efficiencies on finite natural resources in all of our company's operations.

We have carried out an environmental review on the company with support from an external consultant to examine the ways in which we undertake our day to day business activities and as a consequence have adapted our working practices.

We scrutinise the utility bills for savings which can mean reducing the time the central heating is on in the office, turning off some lights when areas are not used and managing better the use of water. Whilst this will save money for the company it will also reduce our impact on the use of raw resources.

Transport is a challenging area to make savings because we are in a rural location and the majority of our work is based in and around the county of Gloucestershire but we will always car share where possible. We will offer to pick up our visitors from the railway or bus station. Where we hold seminars and training at our office we will promote car sharing. We regularly use technology including Skype and Google hangouts to reduce travelling.

The majority of our records are now kept electronically and we have established a cloud based system for our documentation.  We also offer our clients our HRML Genie system which enables them to keep their HR records in an electronic form instead of paper.  As a result, not only has our paper consumption plummeted but so has the number of printer cartridges we use.

Other measures we take are: 

  • We are committed to be as plastic free as possible and we avoid one use plastics

  • We look for Fair Trade tea and coffee and have milk delivered from a local producer in glass bottles

  • We look to work with suppliers who are local and with a like-minded approach to the environment

  • Food provided at our events is planned to avoid wastage. We use reusable crockery which we will wash with only eco-friendly washing-up liquids

  • Our cleaning company are an eco friendly company

  • We only send out paperless Christmas cards and we make a donation to charity

  • We recycle our paper, glass and cardboard

  • We double-side print

Although we are a small company, we believe we can really make a difference through spreading the word to other businesses similar to our own. By asking our team what we should do we have increased their involvement and engagement in the process and we are happy to share our approach with our clients to help them to secure the business benefits of more sustainable working practices.



  • "“The decision to implement the Genie software was an easy one as we could immediately see the advantages it would have to our business. What we didn’t realise was how easy and smooth the implementation would be, we were amazed that it was completed in a matter of days, which was all down to the hard work of staff at HRML. Our managers have all commented on how easy it is to use and how it will improve things tenfold with regards to booking leave and reviewing staff trends”

    Angharad Trueman, MD at CGT Lettings

  • "HRML led and managed the recruitment for the opening of Gloucester Services Southbound in May 2015, recruiting over 350 people in total. They were fantastic partners for us, demonstrating excellent knowledge of the locality, good understanding of our philosophy and they stepped up to what was an intensive and demanding process."

    Sarah Dunning, Chair, Westmorland Limited

  • "HRML have successfully led our recruitment process over the past 2.5 years in which we have recruited over 60 professionals at all levels from Director to Business Support. Their approach has meant that we have secured top quality people, the process is professionally run, efficient and effective with the added PR benefits that a well-run recruitment campaign brings."

    Peter Askew, Former Operations Director, PegasusLife

  • "HRML were engaged to help Oberthur with a redundancy project involving over 200 employees. The small Oberthur HR team needed additional resource to support employee relations activity. HRML sourced and interviewed HR Advisors and an HR Assistant for us. If there were any issues, HRML was always quick to respond and showed real customer care. Their support enabled us to deliver the project smoothly and enabled us to give our employees the degree of care and attention they deserved at a difficult time in their lives."

    Helen Ridler, HR Director, Oberthur


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